Country Life Here We Come!

Our Adventure Begins

We started our country life with four young boys in tow and the book "Five Acres and Independence" by Maurice G. Kains in hand.

The war years were wrapping up and it was time to move forward. There was a fair degree of interest in moving to rural land after World War II. Many young couples born and raised in the city like us looked to country life as a positive step.

My husband and I decided that raising children and gardens and animals would go together well in a rural setting. We had enthusiastically embraced the Victory Garden movement during the War. "Five Acres and Independence" gave us the education we needed for the next step.

"Five Acres and Independence", first published in the 1940’s, was a very popular book and is still available today. A current review of the book reads "This classic of the back-to-the-land movement is packed with solid, timeless information. Written by a renowned horticulturist, it has taught generations how to make their land self-sufficient, with explanations of organic farming techniques and reliable advice on other topics, including irrigation, livestock , crops, greenhouses , fertilizers and much more."

The ideas presented in the book interested us very much. We took the train to California to visit friends of ours who had bought five acres and were instituting all the recommendations of Mr. Kains.

California was a delight! We liked the California climate and considered making the move. However, at that time we discovered that the California job market did not pay as well as the Midwest and the land prices were higher.

So We decided to find our "five acres" in Illinois.

We looked for a long time in towns northwest of Chicago where we had friends. Finally we found 40 affordable acres. Along with the house the property had a big barn and a long building in back that had a recreation room,workshop room, garage and chicken coop . We felt this was perfect.

The house needed work. So out we would go on the weekends with our four boys and work at making the house to our liking.

In 1950 we finally moved in and ever since I've been living and loving the country life!

For the last 58 years I have lived my life in the country.

I wouldn't change one day of it. Each morning I get up to eagerly start the day. Each day brings new challenges, new adventures and new ideas.

I love it!

Come along with me while I introduce you to my country life. I'll share recipes,tips and ideas that have helped me to adapt to this wonderful lifestyle.

Perhaps one of them will help you too!

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Putting Food By
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