English Cucumbers

Once we started growing English cucumbers we did not grow any other kind. They are long and straight,have only a few seeds and are considered burpless. They have edible skin which saves preparation time since there is no peeling needed for recipes. The skin also adds fiber.

Originally we found the seeds listed as "Holland" from Nichols. But after a time they were no longer able to offer those seeds. So we changed and now the cultivar we are using comes from Johnny’s and is called “Tasty Jade.”

 Cucumbers in the Greenhouse

We always plant them in the greenhouse where it gets very hot in the summer. They do best in the heat. Once the seeds have germinated and are about four or five inches high, we set up trellises and allow them to climb vertically. This way they are more apt to grow straight as the fruit grows downward.

It is interesting to note that the Victorians had long glass jars that they put over the young cukes to force them to grow straight.

We haven’t gone to that arrangement yet, but you still can purchase a straightening glass from some garden suppliers in Britain.

Once they have grown to the right size for picking we find that we must pick them every day. For we do not want them to get too big.

This year we have had a superb crop and have been picking between 10 and 20 daily. We have been selling them at the Farmer’s Market as well as to our own weekly vegetable customers.

Because they are grown in the greenhouse or high tunnel, we do not have problems with insects or blowing from the winds and storms.

They must be watered daily and once they have produced they must be picked daily as well.

Cucumbers growing vertically

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