Growing Strawberries Vertically in Grow Pots

I first saw grow pots for growing strawberries at Bureau Creek Orchard in Princeton. They were stacked outside the store and were filled with strawberry plants.

It took a while to find out what they were but I finally did and was able to contact Lee Blevins the inventor and I ordered six of them.

When the growpots arrived they looked like this:

I then stacked them all together and they looked like this:

When I put the grow pots on my patio I only made them three high and was able to put a rod through the middle area and anchor them into the ground so wind would not upset them.

I planted strawberries in my grow pots….Sparkle and Ozark Beauty which are everbearing and Annapolis which is an early maturing berry.I purchased the plants from Miller Nurseries

What an easy way to have a vertical garden on your patio or porch. And what an easy way for an older person to practice container gardening. There is very little weeding that has to be done and the watering can be done from the top grow pot…It spreads into those underneath it.

The strawberries grew and produced berries within a short time.I am still picking a few of the everbearing variety.

It has been very satisfying and less work than having the strawberries out in the garden where they are overcome by weeds and grasses and are hard to pick.

There are places that have a whole acre of agro tower grow pots and the word is that on one acre you can grow about four acres of strawberries.

Vertical gardening is a very economical use of space.

Potting soil or peat can be used as the growing medium. Fertilizer can be added, but must be controlled or it will kill the plants.

A good suggestion for pest control is to put Vaseline on the bottom of the lowest pot and then spiders and ants will not be able to climb up into the growing plants.

Growing strawberries in grow pots was a success this summer.As I get older I think I will use grow pots for tomatoes and other vegetables as they are an easy way to garden.

I will keep you informed.

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